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Spark optical emission spectrometry

Spectrolab S

The newest high-end stationary spark-OES instrument of Spectro Analytical instruments. The instrument is calibrated for the matrixes iron, steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc and titanium and is equiped with wide calibration ranges so it can measure all your alloys and corresponding main- and subelements (inclusive the gasses O, N and H). For more specific questions about the matrices and elements or the needed accreditation, please contact us.

The spectrolab S gets verified with certified referrence samples on a daily basis as to guarentee the performance of the instrument. Preparation of the samples can be done at Metal Spark on a grinding machine or lathe.


An exellent equipped mobile spark-OES spectrometer of Spectro, which is calibrated for Fe, Al, Cu and Ni-matrixes. Because of the extra argon filled UV-optic, it is possible for this instrument to measure carbon with good precision. With this instrument it is possible to perform measurements and PMI testings at customer site, outside or in your production hall.

The Spectroport gets calibrated and checked on performance on a regular basis to guarantee the reproductivity and accuracy of the instrument. We have numerous certified samples that we bring to the customer site as to control the measurments.

Olympus Delta Professional (on-site metingen, XRF-PMI / NDO)

With our XRF-PMI instrument, we can also come on-site to perform chemical analysis on your production samples (pipes, tubes, assemblings etc...) The advantages of an XRF-PMI instrument is that it measures very fast, does not leave a burn spot and can still measure all the major elements. This technique is very useful to do quick quality control on stainless steel, steel and aluminium.

The olympus Delta professional has an extra detector which makes it possible to also detect the light elements as phosphor, sulfor, silicium and aluminium. Therefore it can differentiate better between alloys.

Preparation of the samples

Metal Spark disposes of the required equipment (turning lathe and disc grinding machine) to prepare your samples for spectro-analysis. For on-site measurements, a mobile disc grinder can be used.

Dimensions of the samples

With the help of special adapters it is possible to measure wires (>2mm) and samples with small dimensions. Do you doubt the possibility to measure your sample? Don't hestitate to get in contact with Metal Spark.

Mechanical, metallografic and corrosion tests

Metal Spark can offer you a total package of metallurgical testings. Go to 'partners' to find out which tests Metal Spark can offer.

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